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Khalid Ali Salem

Boca Comm - Global Business Services

Boca Comm RPG is a representation practice Group for speciality consulting practice within Boca com.

It is an association of independent commercial agents,agencies, import/export firms and other businesses related to international trade. It represents the combined expertise of its member firms with offices in every continent of the globe.

It offers clients the best of both worlds; personalized local service and the expertise of a global network. Its members have access to the services and resources of an international firm, while delivering the personal attention and services that the client deserves.

Its clientèle consists of:

Producers: Companies who produce products turn to them to build and manage their worldwide sales and marketing network.

Buyers: Companies who import and distribute products, or companies who are searching for new suppliers, turn to them for their global network of agents already on the ground in most countries worldwide.


Their business experience allows them to work in most sectors. In certain sectors they have built a particularly extensive network.

Corporate Finance

Small and middle-market companies worldwide turn to Boca Comm for their finance needs to support their growth, operations, and acquisitions- often into new markets. It's finance practice offers a full range of services, including the handling of complex transactions such as syndicated loans or letter of credit transactions, structured financing and financial derivatives matters. Consistent with the focus of Boca Comm on the problems of global business, their finance practice is specialised in:

  1. Cross-border transactions: Handling the complexities when the finance source or target acquisitions are in other countries.

  2. Small and middle market: Services to this niche under-served by the large international investment banking community.

  3. A full range of capital sources: They identify the correct capitalization structure for their clients and work across the range of possibilities to accomplish the needs of their clients.


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